PITC exhibits solid defense over the Agriculture in quarterfinals game

Posted on: January 24th, 2020

Agriculture Food Masters is up against the team that first defeated the DENR Warriors — PITC Global Traders.

The Food Masters is confident enough to face the Global Traders that reflects in the earlier scores, 8-0 around the 8-minute mark. This lead translates into a first-quarter win, 17-9.

Afterward, the Global Traders fix their early mistakes at the beginning of the second quarter and record consecutive scores, gaining a one-point lead over their opponent.

The power struggle comes inside the hardcourt at this point, whoever gets the lead and defends solidly will win the game.

Fortunately for the Global Traders, they have managed to extend the lead while keeping the Food Masters from scoring, the first half ends with 44-29 in favor of PITC.

The scores for both teams slowly crawl up as the teams are more focused on defense. The Food Masters fails to close the gap but manages to freeze their deficit by 15 points as the third quarter ends, 56-41.

The fourth quarter starts and the Food Masters struggle to keep up in the game but reduce their 15-score deficit to 10 points. Meanwhile, the Global Traders are having a hard time to lead the match as their defense is starting to weaken.

Each team answers each shot by another shot as time runs out. The Food Masters have to make a big play, a clutch that will ultimately break the Global Traders defense. This is a crucial moment that will turn the tides in their favor. If they won’t be successful in pulling off that much-needed play, their opponent will eventually conquer the game.

On the other hand, what the Global Traders needs is to do a good defense and answer every shot from the other team. No big plays to carry out, they have to prevent any chance for the opponent to score.

The Food Masters need to clutch while the Global Traders need to maintain their advantage, and whichever team executes their play will win. 

Eventually, PITC manages to stay defensive as they can and achieve another win for their team. The game ended with a final score of 74-61.


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