PITC beats the undefeated DENR, NHA and Judiciary gain more wins

Posted on: December 21st, 2019


The NHA Builders plays aggressively at the start of the game following their Coach Bennet Palad’s advice to always play it hard, defend harder and never be complacent. The builders gain a lead early and want to set up the game in their favor by scoring 26 points for the first quarter.

The PhilHealth Plus won’t make the match a walk in the park for the NHA Builders and decides to be as aggressive as their opponent, gaining 22 points in the first quarter, a 4-point deficit against the NHA Builders.

At the start of the second quarter, the PhilHealth Plus takes the advantage already in outscoring the NHA Builders, preventing the Builders in making a large score gap between them. The PhilHealth Plus’ move helps them in keeping the Builders from setting up their success. The second quarter ends with a score of 48-47, in favor of PhilHealth Plus.

The score advantage juggles to both teams in the third quarter, BUT before the timer runs out the NHA Builders strikes consecutively before to break the cycle and is now establishing their success for the game, 77-72.

The Builders’ defense becomes tougher and shoots harder in the last quarter, immediately gaining an edge against the PhilHealth Plus by 16 points!

This is a nerve-racking moment for the PhilHealth Plus, realizing that all of their efforts for the first three quarters will be all in vain. 

The PhilHealth Plus is now finding every opportunity to score to close the gap, while the Builders are still scoring to keep their lead up. The PhilHealth Plus sees a glimpse of hope to beat the Builders in the last minute. 

The NHA Builders always keep in their minds that they should never be complacent, and this helps them to close the game against the PhilHealth Plus, 100-96!


The first few minutes of the first quarter start slow until the action inside the hardcourt gradually increases after the Agriculture Food Masters ends the first quarter with 12 points already, 27-15.

As the second quarter begins, the Judiciary Magis double their efforts to catch up to the Food Masters. From 12-point deficit, the Magis ends the second quarter with a 1-point advantage against the opponent, 41-40!

The Magis toughens up their defense to deter the Food Masters’ attempt in gaining back the score advantage. They successfully hinder the Food Masters’ plan in the third quarter with a score of 62-53.

All efforts pay off for the Judiciary Magis as they catch up from a double-digit deficit to securing the end game in their favor. Final score: 81-72.


DENR Warriors joined the UNTV Cup this season only, but the rookie team shocked everyone as they always win in every single game, BUT this time it ends.

PITC Global Traders suffered their first loss in the first match of UNTV Cup’s Season 8 in the Opening Ceremony in the MOA Arena, BUT this time it’s different.

In this match between PITC Global Traders vs DENR Warriors, both teams are quite performing well. Trading shots and looking for a small opportunity which can be invested in to make room for a large advantage.

A small opportunity shows up to the PITC Global Traders and they choose to devote all of their efforts which translates to a small lead against the DENR Warriors.

The DENR Warriors is a tough team but having a hard time to reset and tie their score to PITC’s. This is problematic for the Warriors as this is where the PITC punishes and prevents them.

Capitalizing on the small lead in the first quarter, the Global Traders achieves to retain their advantage against the Warriors in the last quarter.

The Global Traders surprisingly beats the undefeated team before the year ends with a 10-point lead, 74-64!


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