Malacañang won tight game, GSIS and PITC dominated the hardcourt

Posted on: October 3rd, 2019

NHA Builders build a strong lead against Malacañang-PSC Kamao with a score of 9-0 in the first couple of minutes of the game.

Team Kamao gives their best to end the established lead of the Builders but still suffers in keeping up their play until the fourth quarter comes in.

In the last quarter, Kamao shifted its game plan to obtain their lead. But the Builders answer every shot to negate it and do it as far as they could.

Team Kamao successfully generate a 4-point lead in the last 41 seconds, 77-73.

However, the Builders rush to get a minimal score gap by three points from Vitug’s free throw, 77-76.

The game ended with a one-point lead, 77-76, in Kamao’s favor through securing their small lead against its opponent.

Not even close

PITC Global Traders established an enormous score gap and beat the PhilHealth Plus.

The Global Traders started the game hard by having a few points lead and expand it with the succeeding quarters.

Unlike the earlier game between the Malacañang-PSC Kamao and NHA Builders where Team Kamao won by one point, the Global Traders close the game against PhilHealth Plus with a 21-point difference, 95-74. Not even close.

Happy Magis

Judiciary Magis left the hardcourt happy as they recovered from their loss and won the match against the GSIS Furies.

Just like the game between the PITC Global Traders and PhilHealth Plus, the Magis display dominance in the first quarter.

Team Magis ensure that every shot will not go to waste so they will not experience the agony they got through in their game last week.

Their match against GSIS Furies ended with a 14-point score gap, 88-74.