DENR Warriors solidifies defense, Agriculture Food Masters ends the game with a free throw

Posted on: January 10th, 2020

Great offense comes with a solid defense. The first game of the year 2020 commences, the DENR Warriors and PhilHealth Plus waste no time and give their full effort already at the start.

Answering every shot by another shot, the first quarter almost ends with 28 points on both teams, but Kenneth Emata of PhilHealth Plus executes a lucky trey shot before the buzzer rings signaling the end of the first quarter, 31-28 in favor of PhilHealth Plus.

DENR Warriors recognize that they should not be complacent because the PhilHealth Plus always finds a way on how to pierce through DENR Warriors by capitalizing through their sharpshooters.

Fortunately for the Warriors, they quickly fix their defense and punishes the PhilHealth Plus’ repeated strategy, ending the first half in favor of DENR Warriors, 56-48.

In the third quarter, the Warriors manage to get to their ‘Flow’ state and show to their opponent that warm-up time is done by dominating inside the hardcourt and gaining a 16-point advantage by the end of the quarter, 86-70.

PhilHealth Plus is having a real pressure in the last quarter, as they have close a large score gap against the Warriors. 

That’s why they started the last quarter by raining down a barrage of trey, but they fail to score it all. 

The DENR Warriors, on the other hand, tries to play it slow and focuses on their defense to prevent the PhilHealth Plus closing the score gap between them.

The DENR Warriors prevail and manage to keep their score advantage by the end of the game, 110-93.

Free Throws contribute to Comeback

The Malacañang-PSC Kamao dominates the Agriculture Food Masters for three long quarters of this game.

In the first quarter, they were up by 2 points against the Food Masters, 14-12; in the second quarter by 5 points, 34-29; Third quarter by 2 points again, 49-47.

The Agriculture Food Masters decides not to let their enemies defeat them by only a few points ahead by making plays at the start of the last quarter to gain 5 points, gaining a 3-point advantage against the Kamaos.

The match becomes tighter as the timer runs, Coach Rodney Santos of Agriculture Food Masters devises ways on how the team will outplay the Kamaos and maintain the small advantage they have at the moment.

The Food Masters finds strength from their loud cheering supporters that manifests from their ball movement, doubled effort, and good rotations. These things keep the Food Masters ahead of the Kamaos 10 points.

Keeping calm in every free throw, the Food Masters make the most out of it and make sure that every time they launch the ball from their hands, the ball will enter inside the ring.

The Food Masters achieves to comeback and win the game against the Kamaos, ending the game with a free throw — though unnecessary — is proof that free throws contribute to making a comeback.


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