Agriculture Food Masters & Malacañang-PSC Kamao’s first win, AFP Cavaliers grab second victory

Posted on: September 27th, 2019

Agriculture Food Masters are having a rough start as the Ombudsman Graftbusters maintain their lead in the beginning of the game.

Taking it slow, the Food Masters attempt to end the score gap for two quarters but left six points behind the Ombudsman Graftbusters for the first half of the game, 34-40.

Their patience finally pays off in the last two minutes of third quarter after they seize and maintain their lead as the game progresses to the last quarter. The Food Masters won against the Grafbusters with a score of 78-73.

The play of the Agriculture Food Masters depict that perseverance and consistency can win a tough game!

Monster Team in the Hardcourt

AFP Cavaliers strike while the iron is hot and gain wide advantage against its opponent, PhilHealth Plus, resulting to a first-quarter score of 27-11.

Cavaliers’ solid defense and offense manifest how easily they maintain their lead in the whole game, not giving a single opportunity for the PhilHealth Plus.

In the fourth-quarter, the PhilHealth tries to keep up in the match and get close to the opponent’s score with a 4-point gap in the six-minute mark. Cavaliers breaks that cycle right away and score twice to get a score gap of nine points.

Cavaliers outstandingly secure the game.  They have maintained an early lead with a strong defense and immediately respond every time the PhilHealth Plus scores, ending the game with an eleven points ahead, 91-80.

Fist in the Court

Malacañang-PSC Kamao knocks down the Judiciary Magis last Sunday, September 22 in their first game, 64-60.

They have a good lead in the first-quarter but they fail after the Magis grab the opportunity and gives them a hard fight until the last three minutes of the fourth quarter.

In these last moments, every shot counts and both teams ties their score at 57. The Magis tries to break it, but the Malacañang-PSC Kamao won’t give away another opportunity to their opponent by gaining a two-point lead, 59-57.

A minute left before the game closes, Kamao adds two points through free throw to secure their lead, 61-57. Magis follows up with a free throw, but Kamao answers with another free throw too, 62-58.

10 seconds on the clock, Magis giving it all in to score, 62-60.

FIVE seconds left on the clock, Kamao secure their lead by adding another two points and fortunately, a foul has been given to their opponent granting Kamao’s Eric Dela Cuesta two free throws.

Breathing heavily, eyes on the ring and hands feeling his pulse, Dela Cuesta shoots and the ball bounces a bit but the ring accepts his offer, 63-60.

Kamao fans cheer as the heart-stopping match ends in Malacañang-PSC Kamao’s favor, 64-60.