Agriculture denies Judiciary, NHA relentless in hardcourt

Posted on: January 31st, 2020

At the start of the first quarter, the Judiciary Magis scores ahead of the Agriculture Food Masters, 6-2. The Food Masters can be seen a bit slow and warming up still, but after a couple of minutes, they throw a barrage of shots until the first quarter ends, gaining a lead against the Magis, 28-19!

The Food Masters successfully maintained its score gap against the Magis with 11 points in the second quarter, 41-30. 

The only goal for the Food Masters to achieve: Maintain the score gap until the game ends.

It’s now up to the Magis on how they will strategize their attack on the Food Masters’ defense to break the score advantage.

As the Food Masters successfully maintains a good score lead, the Magis have to double their efforts, or else they will be doomed in the last quarter.

The third quarters’ score is 58-45, in favor of the Food Masters.

The Magis doubled their efforts in the last quarter and took every opportunity to raise their points to reduce the score deficit.

The Food Masters take it fast to end the game with a killing blow, but it costs their play to be sloppy and careless. Magis immediately perceived their opponent’s mistake and took the opportunity to cut the gap to only 3 points.

Unfortunately, time ran out and the few points that the Food Masters earned in the beginning cover their fourth-quarter mistakes, which almost cost them their whole game.

The Food Masters won against the Magis, 71-68!

Builders or Traders?

Both teams are great and aggressive. Which team will break the similarities, and show their difference in dominance?

The first quarter feels like the last quarter, and the spectators perceive a sudden rush of blood as they watch a fierce hardcourt battle. The Builders show dominance in the first quarter by earning a 4-point lead, 23-19.

As the game progresses, it turns out that the Builders got to their zone.  The Global Traders players were unable to stop their opponent’s momentum that resulted in a wide score gap.

Realizing the threat, the Global Traders won’t make this match a walk in the park for the Builders. They steal the ball and control the game to block every opportunity for the Builders.

This move by the Global Traders pays off in the third quarter when they got the chance to finally have room to breathe in as they have the momentum in the game.

But the Builders always find their way back to assume control in the last quarter while the Global Traders keep contesting for the score.

Both teams are on par with each other, keeping their scores identical. In the last 30 seconds, the NHA Builders have a 2-point advantage over the Global Traders.

This small advantage is crucial in the last moments of the game. The Builders need to defend if the ball is on their opponent’s hands, and stall if they have the ball.

Fortunately, the Builders’ defense is tough enough for the Global Traders offense. The Builders won by 3-points, 77-74!


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