AFP simmers down the wild rookie DENR

Posted on: January 17th, 2020

AFP Cavaliers is renowned as one of the toughest teams to compete within UNTV Cup, reigning as UNTV Cup Champion in Season 7 and the first team to gain three championship titles since the league’s inception.

On the other hand, the DENR Warriors enters the hardcourt this Season 8 and dominates other teams as a rookie, which the Cavaliers acknowledges as a threat in the tournament.

On January 12, 2020, the first and most-awaited match between the AFP Cavaliers and DENR Warriors commences!

The DENR Warriors play their game confidently and start to bombard their opponent with multiple shots, aiming to make a wide score gap between the Cavaliers.

The AFP Cavaliers in the first quarter is still measuring the defense of the Warriors, scouting their playstyle and taking it slow, but they should act fast as the Warriors’ advantage is getting bigger, 24-17 in favor of Warriors.

The Warriors still trying to manage the early advantage in the second quarter. A lot of free throws are given as a ton of fouls happened. Both teams are physically trying hard, pushing their offense and defense to the limits.

Making it harder for the Cavaliers to cope up, the Warriors lets their opponent to use superb physical strength advantage by letting the Cavs make various fouls. And that allows the Warriors to always have a free throw — earning them a score advantage.

Trying to close the gap with every trey is a tactic the Cavaliers are now applying before the second quarter ends. They become successful in closing the gap with that smart tactic, a trey and two-point shot in between are five points closing every large score gap their opponent has.

At the end of the first half, the Cavaliers manage to pick up the pace and closes the score with only a 1-point deficit against the Warriors, 39-38 in favor of Warriors.

In the third quarter, the Warriors start to lose control of the game as the Cavaliers keep on tying the score.

Deflecting every move the Cavaliers make is a goal the Warriors are trying to achieve at this point, but they fail to do so as the Cavaliers finally got the score advantage in the fourth-minute mark of the third quarter, 52-50.

It’s now the Cavaliers’ turn to defend hard while maintaining a score lead against the Warriors. The third quarter ends in favor of the Cavaliers with a 2-point score advantage against the Warriors, 58-56.

The start of the fourth quarter becomes favorable for the Cavaliers as their score growing by increments, by doing their trey-steal-two-point-shot tactic to gain a whopping five points within 15 seconds.

The rookie Warriors are now alarmed with their score deficit. They can’t do anything to prevent the defending champion from bombarding them — shot by shot, trey by trey.

Like a sleeping lion, the Cavaliers chills for the first half and awakens in the second half and becomes unstoppable, showing the real veteran in the League of Public Servants.

Never letting the Warriors rise again and take control of the hardcourt, the reigning AFP Cavaliers defeats the mighty rookie DENR Warriors, 90-83!


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