AFP Cavaliers secures a win, Judiciary and NHA outplay opponents

Posted on: December 13th, 2019

Judiciary Magis gives an early pressure to the PhilHealth Plus with a lead of 10 points for the first quarter, 31-21.

The small lead by the Magis slowly accumulates, resulting in a 24-score advantage by the end of the second quarter, 59-35.

The PhilHealth Plus players are trying to keep up throughout the match despite the demoralizing score deficit.

In the fourth quarter, the Judiciary Magis manages to gain their 100th score in the four-minute mark.

Early game pressure while doubling the effort in the succeeding quarters engenders a good result for the Judiciary Magis, ending the game with a score of 112-86.

Quick turnaround win of NHA Builders

NHA Builders and PITC Global Traders hit the ground running as soon as the game starts. Wasting no time and maximizing every opportunity they have to outscore each other.

The first quarter has been rough, each team experience a fleeting moment of score advantage but the PITC Global Traders wins in that quarter, 20-14.

In the second quarter, PITC Global Traders has a clear goal — to make their score advantage grow larger, but the NHA Builders knows how to keep and close the score gap with a 1-point deficit against the PITC Global Traders, 35-34.

The NHA Builders ends the gap against the PITC Global Traders in the third quarter as their goal for the last quarter is to gain a score advantage before the timer ends.

The last quarter commences, the NHA Builders quickly sees an opportunity to gain a lead against the PITC Global Traders. The NHA Builders successfully maintains the lead ending the game with a score of 71-63. A Quick turnaround victory for the NHA Builders!

Clash of the Giants

As the clash inside the hardcourt commences, the Malacañang-PSC Kamao bursts shots early claiming 11 points while the AFP Cavaliers is a bit in need of a warm-up. The advantage the Kamaos built early was quickly noticed by the Cavs, resorting to immediate action to gain their first lead, 15-11. The first quarter turns out to be in favor of the AFP Cavs.

In the second and third quarters, the AFP Cavs manages to lock out the Malacañang-PSC Kamao from having an opportunity to retaliate and sets up their success for the last quarter.

The Malacañang-PSC Kamao never got the chance to have room to breathe in, they keep on chasing the AFP Cavaliers, but the Cavs’ defense is tough as their offense. 

AFP Cavaliers return to their homes with a smile after winning their last game for this year, 77-65.


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